Who Am I

Iam passionate about vegetables a healthy lifestyle and sustainability. Lost & in love with Ruby and selfeducation. Iam a "MAAAAAAMA!" and also responsible for family maintainance.

My skills

  • calculation of performance figures and statistics for different international start ups
  • review of the set up of the specific asset management account with respect to benchmark, investment guidelines, transaction costs and managment fees
  • identifying of actual and potential performance issues
  • suggesting remedial action to solve performance issues
  • support of several projects for international expansion. Connection between local authorities, lawyers and local management in terms of contracts and agreements
  • paticipation in project-related tasks to improve controlling tools and best practice


Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Faculty: Business, Administration and Law

Degree Programm: European Management (average final grade: 1.8)

Gewerbeschule Durlach in Karlsruhe

Evening part time college


Richard Hardock KG

Apprenticeship insurances

Portfolio Concept

Most of my work experience I gained in start ups working in finance department.

I love figures and I truly think dealing with tax can be fun.

I helped setting up international businesses and created templates for rational decision making.

Iam vegetarien since over 15 years and I love vegan food and a healthy lifestyle.

In my spare time I love visiting farmers markets, searching for antiques at flea markets and cooking with friends and family.

I try to do home work outs on a regular basis and running to kindergarten every morning.

I absolutely enjoy trying out new recipes to impress my son and his dad.

Project Goals

In the course I would like to build an application for anyone that provides you with vegan recipes, shopping list and overview of the nutrition intake.

I will study 5 days a week and 4h per day for the next 6 month. In april I will start applying for an internship position in Berlin to start in may 2016, so that I can learn from more experienced Web Developers.

After a 6 month internship or longer I would like to start a part time Junior Developer position and continuing work on my on project the vegan meal planner.

Course Goals

My goal is to become experienced enough for an internship in Berlin thats paid and between 25 and 30 hours per week.

Learn More

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Get in touch

+49 170 472 8032


Erlenstr. 13, 71297 Mönsheim